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Do you know that technological advancement was provoked by some situations that could not withstand delay? For instance, a letter mailed from one city is received in another city after a considerable amount of time. I once mailed a letter from the city where I lived to another city. After two months, I met the person I sent the letter to and he had not received my letter. Such things hardly happen anymore because people thought of faster ways to send mail or important information to one another; and as such the telephone, telex and fax machines were invented. Much later, with the advancement of technology, we came into the wonderful world of “emails”. Now when a person wants to send an urgent letter from one destination to another, he no longer relies on the postal system.

My wife’s birthday is on August 16 and many years ago on one occasion, I could not be present at the celebration because I was out of the country on a preaching engagement. Unfortunately, I forgot to send her a birthday card ahead of time, knowing that she appreciates little gestures like this. On the eve of her birthday, I rushed to the Express Mail Department of the Post Office to find out the fastest way to send the birthday card. I was told that if I sent it that very day, she would receive it two days later. I was so relieved and impressed at this information, that it would take just two days to send a birthday card from Europe to Africa. A few years after this incident saw the introduction of emails and computer technology. 

In the same way with Christianity, there are all kinds of services and advancements in the “Divine Post Office”. If human technology is so developed, then try to imagine what God’s technology would consist of? I tell you, it is inconceivable and mind blowing! Yet many Christians send their prayers to God through the old and regular postal service system. There is an unpopular hidden department in God’s postal service in Heaven; only the most urgent cases qualify to go through this divine express mail service. Do you have any case that requires urgent divine intervention? For example, a man is in need of two hundred thousand dollars and up till the day before the deadline, he has no hope of raising that money. Such a man needs to use the divine express department. 

od owns this department but most Believers are not using it. However, not all prayers are qualified to go through this department; it is meant for extreme urgent matters. Angels like Michael are at the head of this department, and cases are not delayed in there. Every 
Believer has a right to this department.

“And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” (Isaiah 65: 24)

he Bible did not say that every time you call, God will answer. It says, “It shall come to pass.” In other words, a time will come that before you call, God will answer
There are a few people in the Bible who knew how to make use of the divine express delivery service; David was one of them. What was so special about him that God called him His friend? He knew how to ‘touch God’; he knew how to use this divine express mail service. Sometimes Believers need to know how to call on God like David did. You might have prayed and fasted, or met with quite a number of Pastors for prayers; and yet nothing happened. This is the time to cry out: “O Lord, this case is urgent!”

“Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation.” (Psalm 38: 22)

David is asking God to make haste. He is right! There are some cases that should be presented to God with emphasis on a hasty response. David prayed this prayer at the time he was being pursued by Saul; and in the midst of all that chaos, God heard him.

“Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me: O lord, make haste to help me.” (Psalm 40: 13)

David did not want his prayers to go through the normal routine department. I believe this is the time you do not need to wait anymore. Sometime ago while I was preaching in London, there was a lady present in the congregation who had been praying for a husband. During the ministration, she could barely wait to pray down her miracle when I finally announced that it was time to pray. She jumped up out of her seat in excitement and accidentally slapped the brother sitting next to her across the face. After prayers and recovering from the ‘accidental slap’, they both looked at each other and that moment, the Holy Ghost ministered to both of them. From that moment, they began their love story and eventually got married.

...Excerpts From The Book: “EXCUSE ME, MY CASE IS URGENT!”