Deliverance From Demonic Covenants And Curses is a ground-breaking book. Multitudes all over the world
have grappled with problems emanating from demonic covenants and curses. Hamstrung by demonic bondage, victims of covenants and curses wonder why they are mysteriously programmed to live as prisoners of the kingdom of darkness. With unusual prophetic insight, uncommon application of scriptures and a compelling
presentation of true life experiences, the author guides the reader and shows the way out of bondage into glorious liberty and victory.
The central theme of this book is deliverance from the evil powers of darkness, total freedom from hidden and/or generational curses as well as general addictions. This book reveals the hidden foundational problems affecting people worldwide.
The Prayers Points are explosive! The exhaustive nature of the book is quite illuminating and the style of writing makes for easy reading. This book is a must read for those who want to be free from satanic bondage and the kingdom of darkness, as well as for those who want to teach others how to be free.

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From the Author of “Deliverance From Demonic Covenants And Curses” comes a Powerful New Release titled,
In this book, the author explores the diverse methods of attack the enemy uses against Believers. Using a case study of Simon Peter, we see how Satan constantly attempts to brutally destroy Believers. The author also reveals how the enemy can be defeated every step of the way. This book looks into a different aspect of spiritual warfare and how we as Believers can walk in constant victory!
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From Rev. James A. Solomon, the Bestseller Author of the book “Deliverance From Demonic Covenants And Curses” comes the new release of the much anticipated book “WHO NEEDS DELIVERANCE?” by Rev. James Solomon.
This book was birthed from the author’s encounter with a student while lecturing on Spiritual Warfare at Bible School in Japan. The student was a Buddhist and had never been to church, she had never read the Bible or any book about God. During this encounter, the author explained to the student that if she was to know anything about God or to decide if God is better than Buddha, she would need to read the Bible to know who God is. The student agreed to this line of reasoning and promised to read
the Bible. 
As a result of this encounter along with other reasons, the Holy Spirit impressed upon the author to put together a Deliverance Workbook to help create an awareness and enlighten the upcoming generation on the important subject matter of deliverance.
The book explains all the major aspects of deliverance and is strongly recommended to all Churches, Ministries, Ministers of God, Prayer Band/Intercessory Groups, Prayer Ministries, Bible Schools, Seminaries, and all other Christian organizations worldwide. The book address such topics as: “What is Deliverance?”, “Satanic Kingdoms”, “Can A Christian Have Demons?”, “Satanic Initiations”, and much more. To reject the teachings on deliverance is sheer ignorance. It is time to rise up and build a militant army, to join hands with Jesus Christ in destroying the works of Satan (1 John 3: 8).
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